St. Mark Women in Mission
Leader: Anita Beyersdorf & Joy Walter


The St. Mark Women in Mission are really women with a mission- to  teach the faithful, reach the lost and care for all.  Women of all ages serve the Lord in many roles (too many to mention): team leaders,  ushers, quilters, teachers, organizers, money counters, greeters, singers, musicians, officers, cleaners, pray-ers, consolers, altar guild, cooks, and many more!  We encourage each other.  We laugh and cry together! Our Women in Mission are affiliated with the Lutheran World Mission League and participate in/support  many of their activities.  Ladies of all ages are welcome to join us in our walk with God and with each other.

LWML Exceeds Mite Goal!              
Praise God! The LWML has exceeded its 2007-09 mission goal of $1.7 million by $75,730.17.
“The greater ‘LWML family’ actively met and exceeded the mite goal for 2007-2009,” LWML President Jan Wendorf said, “People from all over responded to God’s love in their own lives and joined together by God’s grace and provision to accomplish this. I am humbled and honored by the trust given to Lutheran Women in Mission to be about their Father’s business while it is still day. Sincere thanks to all who contributed.”
Mother’s Day
Looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift? How about LWML coasters? These stone coasters come in a set of four and absorb condensation. Perfect for hot summer days, and the best part is that they have the LWML logo and verse, “Serve the Lord with Gladness.” The coasters are available online at (catalog No. 10056) or by calling 1-800-252-5965.
For more information about St. Mark Women in Mission and how you can become involved, contact Anita Beyersdorf at
  December 2017  
Upcoming Events


Stampers Meeting
10:00 AM
Adam Room
Council Meeting
6:30 PM
Adam Room


Friends Moving Forward
10:30 AM
Adam Room. Those who have lost spouse/fiancé meet to plan group activities
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